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NEC 1090021 - NEC DSX 34B Display Telephone with Speakerphone and Backlight, Black

NEC DSX-40 DSX-80 34 Key Backlit LCD Phone 1090021 Black
NEC DSX-40 DSX-80 34 Key Backlit LCD Phone 1090021 Black
Item# DX7NA-34BTXH-TEL-BK-NEC-1090021

Product Description

The 34 Button Backlit Display Telephone with Speakerphone, Black
DSX 34B BL Display Tel (BK)

Out of stock. No ETA is available on future stock.

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There are a couple different versions of this phone...

Are you looking for the black one, or the white one? It's available in a 22 button, a 34 button, and a super display model.

Review of product by

The NEC DSX 34 Button Display Telephone with Speakerphone and Backlight...

When I pick up the handset on the 34-button telephone, I can feel some real weight to the handset, so I know it's a quality telephone, which is refreshing because a lot of the telephones sold online now feel like flimsy plastic. It's good to see one that's solid.

When I flip the phone over, I can clearly see a line jack where the telephone plugs into the wall, a handset jack, and a headset jack. What's really nice about this telephone is that it has a headset jack, which means you can plug a premium headset, like Plantronics, for instance, directly into the phone without an expensive amplifier.

On the front of the phone, at the very top, there is a bright voicemail indicator light which flashes red when you have a voicemail or flashes green if you missed a call and it is showing up on the caller ID. There are also 10 speed dial buttons, which can be programmed through the telephone or through the system's programming software which is included with the NEC DSX system at no cost. There are also 24 additional programmable function keys, which can be set up as line keys, message center keys, ring group keys, or any of the other many different functions keys available to this phone. The phone also has a bunch of fixed keys on it. Fixed function keys include transfer, intercom, flash, voicemail, redial, do not disturb, mute, conference, speaker, and hold, all of which are clearly labeled.

Something really nice about the 34-button phone when you compare it to the budget model 22-button phone is that the 34-button phone has a backlit keypad and a backlit display. This is the perfect telephone for low-light conditions, say in a bedroom or at a restaurant bar, or at a receptionist's podium. All in all, it's a solid phone and would look great on any desk, in any office, or in any home.

Description of product provided by manufacturer...

The 34-Button Display Telephone features a large 3 line-by-24 character backlit alphanumeric display with 4 Interactive Soft Keys for intuitive feature access. It also provides 10 Personal Speed Dial bin keys, 24 programmable Feature Keys and 12 fixed function keys for streamlined operation. Additionally, this telephone offers a backlit keypad, a headset jack, and built-in speakerphone. Unique features include dual LEDs, a Ring/Message Lamp (to show ringing, Caller ID, and voice mail messages), built-in wall mounting, and an innovative two position angle adjustment.