Are you a NEC DEALER that needs technical support? Call NEC DEALER TECHNICAL SUPPORT: 214-262-6539 *Resellers Only*

Before you call, you'll need a Tech ID number. You get that at the NEC National Technical Assistance Center website. NEC DEALER SUPPORT SITE:

Are you an END-USER or own a NEC phone system and need help finding a local dealer or someone to help program your system? NEC sales support can help you find a local dealer.


For more information about how to reach NEC, please visit: The Contact Us Page

If you need to inquire about a PAST PURCHASE at, including all warranty questions about equipment purchased here at the website, please email us at and include:

- Your order number (important! we cannot help you without a valid order number)
- Your question
- Your name and contact phone number

We'll return most contact requests same/next business day.

    NEC DSX-80 and NEC DSX-160 Phone Systems