NEC DSX-80 and NEC DSX-160 Phone Systems

How to Upgrade NEC DSX Firmware in a few Easy Steps

Watch NEC DSX training video

In this short instructional video, I’m going to show you how to upgrade the firmware in your NEC-DSX telephone system. It’s quite easy actually. The very first thing you need to do is connect to your telephone system using the NEC-DSX System Administrator software. To do that, you’ll need to know the IP address of your phone system, and then click on New Connection. After that, you put in the IP address here; in this case, the IP address is, and the password. And the default password for the NEC-DSX telephone system is necdsx in all lower case with no spaces. Then, navigate to the bottom of the screen and click the Connect button.

In a moment or two, you’ll be connected to your telephone system. When you look at the screen, take notice of the System area. You’ll see a field called Software Version. That will contain the version number of the firmware, sometimes called system software that your phone system is running. What you’ll do then is, on the left hand side of the screen, locate the System section and click Update.

You’ll notice that the phone system communicates directly with NEC to show you a list of firmware versions that are available for your system. Never pick a Beta version, unless you’ve been told to do so. Always choose a General list version. In this case, for this video, the General list version is NEC-DSX system software version 3.42. Click on that, underneath the Available Versions section, and then go down to the Installation section and clock on Immediately Following Download. What this will do is, once the software’s been downloaded, the telephone system will reboot itself and upgrade its firmware.

Once you’ve selected that, go down onto the Status section and click the Start button. The phone system will contact NEC directly, and download the system software. You can see on this screen that I’m downloading version 3.42 and that the phone system is currently at version 3.34.

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How to Upgrade the NEC DSX Voicemail Prompts Quickly and Easily

Watch NEC DSX training video

Every so often, especially with the release of new features or new firmware, you may find that you need to upgrade your Intramail prompts. Sometimes, your intra-mail prompts are called the voice of the “lady inside the box”. That’s the lady inside the box that answers telephone calls for the callers and says things like, “Please hold while your call is transferred” and other things like that.

So, to upgrade the prompts, it’s quite simple. First, you need to log in to your telephone system. In this case, I’ve logged in to the first system before, so I’m going to click Recent Connections in the On Line section. Then, here I see that the IP address is already filled out, in this case, Then, underneath password, I’m going to enter necdsx, all lower case. That’s the default password for the NEC-DSX phone system. Then, I’m going to click the Connect button in the Status section. That moment I’ll be connected to the telephone system, and here I can see that on this telephone system, I have installed the NEC-DSX Intramail Pro 4-Port voicemail card and that the prompt versions are 2.20.

What I’m going to do, even though this system’s pretty much up-to-date, just for this demonstration, I’m going to go to Prompt Update under the Intramail section. And then, I’m going to re-update these prompts. Here, you can see, there is a little bit of a difference. The latest version for the English prompt is 2.21. So I’m out-of-date, the Installed Version here shows 2.20.

So underneath Operation, in the Prompt Language Selection section on the NEC-DSX telephone system, I’m going to select Upgrade for English (Legacy), I’m going to select Upgrade for English, I’m going to select Upgrade for French, and I’m going to select Upgrade for Spanish. Then, I’m going to click on the Start button. Underneath the status section on the screen, the telephone system will show that you are connected to the telephone system, and it also shows that it’s upgrading the prompts. This can take some time.

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